stained glass dove with olive branch

Q: Are some designs more expensive than others?

A: Yes! Since this is all work by hand, the simpler the design, the less labor there is to make your window. However, we have often found that the simplest designs can be the most effective!

stained glass church book

Q: Why do my windows look dirty?

A: Depending on conditions in your church or residence, what you see might be accumulated film either on the inside or outside of the glass. This can be cleaned with mild dishwashing detergent and water. Caution: if you begin a cleaning process and the effect is dramatically different from the balance of the window, cleaning will only call greater attention to the hazy film. For a balanced solution in the case of serious grime, the windows can be removed and soaked in a solution to clean them uniformly, while protecting the condition of the putty holding them together. We have large custom made fiberglass and stainless steel tanks expressly for this purpose.

It might also be a light matte coating of fired in stained glass paint, and not dirt at all! Especially on older windows, this was done to create a slight opaque effect on the glass. This cannot be removed, as it is a part of the window’s design and execution. Glass paint is fired in a kiln and becomes part of the glass.