About Durhan Studios – Stained Glass Design

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What We Do

Durhan Studios has been designing and installing stained glass windows since 1902 and has acquired a reputation for fine quality in designing and executing all types of stained glass projects:

  • Classical leaded stained glass
  • Kiln-fired painted stained glass
  • Sandblasted plate glass
  • Faceted slab glass set in epoxy matrix
  • Replication of damaged painted stained glass
  • Restoration of damaged windows
  • Wood and aluminum frames
  • Protective glazing
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Where We Have Worked…

The Studio’s work encompasses installations in:

Churches of all denominations including:

  • Roman Catholic
  • Byzantine
  • Greek Orthodox
  • Armenian Orthodox
  • Episcopal
  • Lutheran
  • Methodist
  • Evangelical

Commercial architectural settings
Residential architectural settings

Durhan Studios has designed, executed, and installed stained glass windows in NY, NJ and CT plus up and down the East Coast from Puerto Rico to Canada. We are headquartered outside of New York City on Long Island NY.

Master Craftsman   Michael Coulaz

Stained Glass Master Craftsman
Michael Coulaz

Master Craftsman and owner of Durhan Studios, Michael has been with the company for over 40 years. Michael is highly regarded among stained glass professionals for his outstanding ability to select glass colors that coordinate well with each other in a window and with the setting in which the window is installed. He has a unique ability to envision the final lighting effect of the window’s natural setting, so as to accurately assess the finished effect even at the earliest stage of color selection.

Michael is an outstanding mechanic ensuring quality fabrication and construction. From the structural elements to the aesthetic appearance, Michael is able to accurately evaluate existing windows in need of repair or see to the execution of new work according to the design needs of the client.